We are pleased to introduce eGlobal LLC, a direct import, export and wholesale company. Specializing in sourcing and producing the best in quality and price for out clients both here on the Hawaiian islands and around the world. eGlobal is committed to long term, sustainable solutions as well as cutting edge aquaculture from around the globe. Our passion is seafood so the future of the industry relies on healthy oceans.

With a team of professionals possessing over 30 years of experience in restaurant operations, wholesale and the import and export of quality seafood worldwide. eGlobal LLC brings passion, integrity and commitment to each and every one of our customers and in everything we do.

We know and understand the cost of doing business in Hawaii and we are here to help you accomplish those goals while maintaining the highest degree of quality and confidence as we provide you personalized, individualized services.


eGlobal LLC is a strong supporter of sustainable, healthy species from hook and line to cutting edge  aquaculture sources. We are committed to advocating the concept of ocean friendly seafood, in order to protect our oceans for future generations.

By meeting demands for fish and seafood from healthy, well managed fisheries. we will work together with our distribution partners and local businesses to minimize negative impacts on the environment. 


Our trade partners allow us to provide you with nothing less than superb quality and competitive prices. A leading seafood distributes in the U.S. with over 25 years of experience, our suppliers proudly feature the most comprehensive varieties in the country. As part of our commitment to the satisfaction of out customers, we have implemented a modern distribution system to service all of your business needs.

With a capacity of over 48,000 cubic feet of freezer space, along with over 12,000 cubic feet of chill space, we are able to hold an impressive variety of quality seafood products and fresh meats. We provide our customers with products only from suppliers who have met or exceeded all FDA and HACCP standards and requirements.


All of our products are HACCP certified and meet or exceed all FDA guidelines. Our facility is digitally equipped, concentrating on precise temperature controls throughout the distribution process. All storage and processing areas are kept meticulously clean and are subject to regular in house and 3rd part inspections. eGlobal LLC complies with all current food service regulations in order to offer you superior quality seafood and fresh meat products.